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Divorce Attorneys in Bronxville, New York

Navigating The Divorce Process

Divorce has become a common occurrence these days. In the past, getting a divorce was something that had a stigma attached to it, and was thought of as something to be avoided if at all possible. However, family law today means that divorce is a reality for many people.

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Divorce in New York may not be especially straightforward. A number of issues can come up that often require the experience of a family lawyer to resolve:

Child custody and visitation are at the top of the list for any divorcing parent. It is relatively easy to put a value on possessions, retirement accounts or real estate, but having a reliable, predictable environment for children to grow up in goes beyond any financial calculation. Working out parents’ wants in conjunction with their children’s needs is a crucial balance.

Asset division may also be contentious, but for different reasons. Assets are to be divided fairly, but that does not necessarily mean equitably. It can take skilled negotiation to come to an agreement that divorcing spouses consider to be fair.

Maintenance and child support are also important legal issues. In many families, spouses earn vastly different salaries; stay-at-home parents may have no income of their own at all. Support from one spouse to the other may be necessary.

The variations on all these themes can be complicated. If you are anticipating a divorce, contact our firm or by completing our online form.